Brand Newsroom 2: Editors, Content Marketer of the Year, and Personalisation

Editor at work for a brand newsroom

This week’s Brand Newsroom podcast addresses the role of editors and why they’re so critical to your content marketing.

We discuss a brilliant piece of content marketing from Bryan Rhoads of Intel on the back of his Content Marketer of the Year award.

In our future-proofing section, we speak about the problems of using auto responders and personalisation in your corporate communications.

Our tips of the week concern professional photography, automated time tracking and a great place to upload your visual content.

I’m delighted to have two amazing partners, James Lush and media expert Nic Hayes working on this podcast with me so make sure to listen.

If you want to take a closer look for yourself, these articles, websites and examples we referenced in the podcast.

Surf Report

Things we’ve found on the internet this week

0:50 – Every Content Marketer Needs an Editor – Harvard Business Review

Smart Ideas

05:57 – Bryan Rhoads acceptance speech for Content Marketer for the Year award:

Future proofing ideas

10:46  – The problem with automation and personalisation example:


Final thoughts

14:53 – 88miles

16:10 – Cloudup

For those of you who asked last week, Brand Newsroom will be available on iTunes as soon as possible.

What are you dicussing in your office this week?