Why I Joined Content Marketing Forces with Lush Digital Media

logo for Lush Digital Media, a content marketing agency in PerthI’ve just finished the first month as Head of Content Strategy at Lush Digital Media in Perth, Western Australia. It’s been an exciting time as more and more businesses in Australia wake up to the benefits, if not the necessity, of content marketing. I’ve been working in content marketing for more than five years and have rarely seen anyone take such a committed approach to a new discipline as Lush has done.

Brand journalism

Lush is a full-service content marketing agency focused on brand journalism. Or, as they say, ‘Authentic brand storytelling with a media mindset.’ James and Alex Lush are media veterans having started at the BBC in the UK. They truly understand brand journalism and the media. Their experience extends to many different mediums including television and radio. The Lush  reputation for video production is incomparable. Paul Plowman, the new CEO of Lush Digital Media has an amazing communications background in both business and government. He was a content marketer long before anyone thought to give it a name.

I could tell you a long story about how I first met James in Cleveland, Ohio at Content Marketing World or how Brendan Lobo, the COO at Lush Digital Media, has been picking my brain for nearly three years about content marketing. I could tell you about the brilliant Creative Director, Gavin Carroll or how I met Ian Bignell, one of Lush’s Senior Producers, at Content Marketing World Sydney. I could go on and on about the talented staff, friendly people and the smart vibe running throughout the new office – but I won’t.

Content marketing with a media mindset

What I will say is Lush Digital Media has been working a long time to fully understand content marketing. They’ve hired the right people. They’ve made sure their existing staff have the best training available. They’ve invested in new offices with impressive production facilities. They’ve invited people like Nic Hayes from Media Stable to share office space to ensure they can provide all facets of content marketing to their customers. I was thrilled when they offered me the chance to be part of their company.

As a consultant, I’m limited to how much I can do in any given day, week or month. I’ve been ‘sold out’ for more than a year and turn work down every week. By joining forces with Lush Digital Media, I have the opportunity to work with more people and have a whole team to support it. Importantly, Lush Digital Media has a strong grounding in visual media, something becoming increasingly important as mobile devices dominate our personal and professional lives.

What this means for you?

I’ll still be blogging at Global Copywriting but I’ll also be lending a hand at the Lush Digital Media blog. I’ll have the ability to help produce more content marketing strategies, more public speaking and write more often. Importantly, there’s now a fantastic group of people in Perth willing and able to deliver on all different content types and do it from one service provider. You can call them an agency but that’s probably the wrong term. They’re a media company advising business on how to establish brand newsrooms and helping them create branded content.  That’s why I joined forces with Lush Digital Media. It’s why I’m excited.

What steps are you taking towards brand journalism?