There really is life after journalism, I promise


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I have good news and I have bad news.

If you’re a career journalist, like me, you’ll well and truly be aware of the bad news already, but stay with me — because in a minute I have something you’re going to want to hear.

But first the bad news: Read more

Brand Newsroom 3: Hashtags, Robots, Headlines

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This week’s Brand Newsroom podcast addresses a burgeoning trend for business to jump into conversations happening on social media. Jon Oliver ranted about it over the hijacking of the #WhyIStayed tag relating to domestic violence. With no end to examples of brands self-imploding, we discuss whether it makes sense to take the risk. Is any publicity good publicity? Read more

Brand Newsroom 2: Editors, Content Marketer of the Year, and Personalisation

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This week’s Brand Newsroom podcast addresses the role of editors and why they’re so critical to your content marketing.

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Introducing Brand Newsroom: Weekly Insight to Content Marketing and Brand Journalism

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Are you involved in business communications? Do you have a say in how your company markets their business? Does your job touch on content marketing, brand journalism or even plain old business writing? Read more

Why I Joined Content Marketing Forces with Lush Digital Media

logo for Lush Digital Media, a content marketing agency in PerthI’ve just finished the first month as Head of Content Strategy at Lush Digital Media in Perth, Western Australia. It’s been an exciting time as more and more businesses in Australia wake up to the benefits, if not the necessity, of content marketing. I’ve been working in content marketing for more than five years and have rarely seen anyone take such a committed approach to a new discipline as Lush has done. Read more