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Helping marketers get to the bottom of the big issues

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Marketing Breakout podcast is for marketers who want to be more productive.

If you’re like me, you’re bumping up against inefficiencies and conundrums every day, especially when it comes to marketing. For those of you running small businesses (like me) the pace of change in marketing and corporate communications is staggering. 

What worked last year is no longer effective. 

Best practice from five years ago gets you penalised by Google today. 

There are so many experts sharing so much wisdom – and a fair number of pseudo-experts pedaling myths –  it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s hype. Whom do you trust and how, on earth, can you get anything done?

Don’t worry; help is on the way. 

Deep dive into marketing problems

When I was co-hosting the Brand Newsroom podcast, I had an opportunity to interview a lot of the big thinkers in the corporate communications space. It also put me in a state of continually learning, researching and trying to get to the bottom of a specific problem many of us face. My role on the show was doing the deep dive and coming up with answers. 

When my former producer, Dan Hatch, suggested we start another podcast, I was up for it. He also suggested we enlist the help of two people I always look to for advice and experience – Michele Linn and Clare McDermott. I met both of them through my work at the Content Marketing Institute. Whenever possible, I plan face-to-face meetings and the talk always turns to efficiencies and effectiveness of marketing. (Find out more about all of us on the podcast website.) 

How do you get stuff done? 

Marketing Breakout is the result of Dan’s idea. Clare, Michele and I record an episode once a fortnight (every two weeks) and break down a common problem. We bring our research and personal experience, debate our findings and then get in someone who has a lot of experience in the space. We try to wrap the whole thing up in about 30 minutes. 

So far we’ve covered topics concerning:

  • Writing a better call to action
  • Using Agile methods in your marketing team
  • Finding the best project management tool
  • Creating content to influence executives
  • Incorporating original research into your marketing
  • Developing your own audience. 

Truly expert guests

Clare and Michele both have huge networks and we’re taking full advantage of those contacts on the show. So far we’ve interviewed people like:

The marketing toolbox

By popular demand, we’ve included a ‘toolbox’ feature at the end of every show. This gives Clare, Michele and I a chance to share something we’ve found that’s helped us in our job. I’ve learned a lot from those recommendations alone. 

You can listen to one of my favourite episodes, here. It’s changed how I work – for the better. 

One thing I like about this podcast is we’re taking questions from the field. If you have a problem or a conundrum, or need customized myth-busting performed on your behalf, send an email to and we’ll schedule it in. If you’re wondering or banging your head against a wall, so are a lot of us. 

You won’t be surprised to know you can find Marketing Breakout anywhere you get your podcasts. If you listen and you feel compelled, please leave us a review. We live in the review economy, something we should probably address on a future episode. 

How to get in touch

You can always drop me a line or email me at Alternatively, look me up at my new company –