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The secret to writing effectiveness [RESEARCH]

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Cover of the State of Writing 2020 research report
State of Writing 2020 research report

Do you know the secret to effective writing? When I say effective writing, I mean writing that has a positive impact on your business. This is what I wanted to find out when I opened a survey into writing effectiveness last September at Typeset. The results are in: State of Writing 2020 compares the most effective business communicators with those who have room for improvement. We partnered with Mantis Research to conduct the survey, collect data and help analyse the results. Here’s what we found out. 

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Making the world a better place for readers everywhere

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Here’s a question to ponder. Are you more interested in improving your writing or making life easier for your readers? Sometimes the two go hand in hand, and sometimes they don’t. As someone who spends a lot of time focused on writing, lately I’ve been thinking about the readers.

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