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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Content Marketing World Sydney

Content Marketing World took place last week in Sydney. I presented at the three-day event (that’s the storyboard of my globalisation presentation) and attended as many sessions as possible. Acting on one of the key recommendations, I’ve resisted the “race to report”. Instead, I have intentionally deliberated the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the conference and share them here with you. One thing’s for sure, content marketing in Australia is entering a new phase and it brings both positive and negative aspects. Read more

Content Marketing Disasters From a Global Perspective

I’m putting the final touches on my presentation for Content Marketing World in Sydney next week. I’ve been collecting examples of content that didn’t quite make the cross over from one region to the next. Sometimes it’s an epic fail like this quote from Thomas Edison that got chewed up and spit out in too many translation cycles: Read more

What is the global content opportunity for your business?

Consider this; 99% of the Internet users on earth do not live in the Australia/Oceania region. Because Australia has a high online penetration, it’s easy to forget we’re a comparative drop in the bucket to the rest of the world. Our nearest neighbour, Asia, is the biggest geographic region in the world. If we really are living in the Asian Century, there’s a huge opportunity for Australian businesses to make their content more attractive for a foreign market. Read more

How Mobile is Changing Everything For Marketers

As I prepare for Content Marketing World Sydney 2014, I’ve been reflecting on the wisdom gained at the 2013 event. An edited version of this post first appeared as a print article in The West Australian newspaper last year. The lessons are still incredibly relevant and definitely worth revisiting in light of Google’s recent implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm. I’m really looking forward to hearing Todd Wheatland speak again this year. (Plus he’s based in Sydney now so hopefully  the content marketing community in Australia gets to see a lot more of him.) Read more

A Not So Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Content Translation

I first became aware of the importance of globalised content in 1994. I had the chance to hear Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, speak on the topic of international business at the University of Michigan. I was excited because I had just returned to the USA after working for two years in the UK and was working in the international department of a major software company. My new territory was everywhere except North America and most of Europe; the Nordic countries fell under my patch along with South America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Middle East and Africa. I was in the deep end of international business and Roddick seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Read more