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eMail Marketing: Holiday Rant

Have you been getting emails wishing you happy holidays? Of course you have. We all get them this time of the year. How many are sent by people you know and who know you? One thing I've noticed this year is an increase in the number of "Holiday Greetings" emails I'm getting from organisations I've never done business with before. I don't like it.

Is Christmas an opportunity to boost your email marketing? Are you legitimately sending holiday greetings to valued clients or are you trying to run conversions with your holiday card program? If you're viewing the tradition of sending holiday cards as a convenient sales opportunity, I think it's a really bad idea.

Here's why:

  • Despite what you say, I don't feel like you're sending me best wishes. It feels like you're wishing I would do business with you. Have a look at the image above if you don't understand what I'm saying.
  • When I only hear from you at the end of the year, it makes me wonder where you've been the previous 11 months.
  • Ulterior motives aside, you come off sounding insincere when you send a mass mailing out and don't bother to personalise the note in any way.
  • Limited "special offers" requiring me to purchase something from you are not a gift. They're a sales promotion for your company. Don't insult my intelligence.
  • If I've done business with you, registered my details on your website or subscribed to your newsletter, let me know about your holiday sale. Otherwise, consider yourself a spammer.

Think relationship, not sales opportunity
Think twice before you blast the names on your database with holiday emails. A personalised note conveys a sense of appreciation to your customers and prospects. It shows you've taken the time to recognise an important relationship. A random email does the opposite. At best, it's an annoying reminder that your company could improve its internal processes. At worst, you're perceived as a spammer. If you're viewing the holiday season as an opportunity to connect with your mailing list, make sure you impart glad tidings or don't bother at all.


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Image credit: Corporate Christmas Tree by placdarms, on Flickr