The Plan to ROCK 2011

Have you made a new year's resolution? I ran across a tidy piece of content marketing on New Year's Eve that impressed me as a good exercise for all business owners. Jill Taylor from Activewear Online has been giving some thought to what she wants for her business in 2011. The Activewear Online Facebook page posted the following:

Activewear Online New Year's Resolutions:

  • Keep bringing the best workout clothing to the fitness fanatics in Australia!
  • Create more opportunities to see our fans in person!
  • Give back and support more bodybuilding and fitness events
  • (and maybe some people?)

  • Have a kick-ass time doing all of it!

Have a great night everyone and stay safe!!

In a few short sentences, Jill managed to state her company vision, set goals for 2011, draw her customers and prospects in for a closer look, and impart a lot of personality into her overall brand. From a marketing perspective, it's an enviable accomplishment. As a business owner, Jill motivated me to do the same for my company. Here's goes:

Global Copywriting New Year's Resolutions

  • Help clients develop original content marketing strategies.
  • Continue defining the
  • Asset Based Marketing category.

  • Collaborate with writers and designers to deliver better solutions.
  • Maintain
  • my CSR Initiative by giving 10% of all earnings to charity.

  • Put some
  • life balance and perspective into what I do, on the excellent advice from a Mitch Joel blog post.

I'm not sure I've done justice to Jill's list. I know if I keep these 5 guidelines in mind, 2011 is going to ROCK for me and Global Copywriting.

In other news . . .

I have been invited to join the team at the Content Marketing Institute in the role of Editor of the Australian version of Chief Content Officer (CCO), a new magazine dedicated to content marketing. I'm thrilled, deeply flattered and expending a fair amount of nervous energy as our first issue approaches publication.

What are your resolutions? What exciting things are happening in your company this year?

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