The Sticky Problem With Native Advertising

Native advertising has been under scrutiny as brands and content marketers discover new ways to get their message out. Daniel Hatch wades into the mire with this guest post, wasting no time making pointed judgements about the rights and wrongs surrounding the heated issue. -Ed.

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Content Marketing World Wants Speakers for Sydney and Singapore

Sarah Mitchell speaking about globalisation at Content Marketing World Sydney 2014

Sarah Mitchell speaking about globalisation at Content Marketing World Sydney

Have you got a great story to tell about content marketing or social media? Can you present a case study from your company showing how content marketing has improved your business? Have you figured out a cool way to make content the anchor of your marketing strategy? Have you authored a book?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, why not consider sharing your story at Content Marketing World in Sydney and Singapore? Read more

Content Marketing: Resurrecting Old Content to Create New Assets

If you’ve been publishing for a year or more, you probably have a hidden treasure trove of new content possibilities at your fingertips. Design tools are continually coming onto the market to help content marketers put a visual spin on their text. Often this software is inexpensive and easy to use – even for those of us with limited design ability. Here’s an example of how I took old blog posts and created several new pieces of content.

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Brand Newsroom 3: Hashtags, Robots, Headlines

Image of a globe, earbuds and camera

This week’s Brand Newsroom podcast addresses a burgeoning trend for business to jump into conversations happening on social media. Jon Oliver ranted about it over the hijacking of the #WhyIStayed tag relating to domestic violence. With no end to examples of brands self-imploding, we discuss whether it makes sense to take the risk. Is any publicity good publicity? Read more

Brand Newsroom 2: Editors, Content Marketer of the Year, and Personalisation

Editor at work for a brand newsroom

This week’s Brand Newsroom podcast addresses the role of editors and why they’re so critical to your content marketing.

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