Do You Know How to Tally Your Sharing Stats?

It’s been a super busy week so I’m resurrecting my “BRIEF” posts. They’re designed to answer a quick question or pass on a valuable nugget of practical advice and it won’t take you more than a couple minutes to read it from start to finish.

Cool tool for sharing metrics
Hubspot have developed a nifty website called It helps bloggers and content marketers figure out where their content is being shared and how often. All you do is plug in your URL to instantly receive sharing results from the “Core Four” of social media channels for business:

  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter also provides a total number of shares for mathematically challenged folks like me. The image above shows the current tally for my blog post from last week.

Why this is important for content marketers
Not only do you have a handy set of metrics, you can use this data to determine which channels are the most effective for your content. I quickly discovered certain topics work better on some channels than others. A low sharing score probably means I haven’t hit on the right communities, pages or discussion groups for the content and I need to do more investigation. I also realised my older, evergreen content had never been distributed on Google+.

The Take-Away
Spend an hour or two with and figure out what impresses your social networking communities. This will help you refine your strategy so you can develop content that has a better chance of being consumed. You’re likely to find a way to resurrect some of your older content assets by posting to sites that have experienced little or no shares.

Have you ever resurrected vintage content? What was the result?

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