Most Measurement Sucks – Chief Content Officer Australia

The Australian edition of Chief Content Officer is out today, bigger and better than ever before.

If the cover story and title, don't catch your eye, make sure not to miss these articles:

Marching to a Different Beta by Jonathan Crossfield
Okay, I admit I'm not impartial. I'd probably read the back of an envelope if I knew Jonathan Crossfield had scribbled on it. In this must-read article, Jonathan sizes up Google+. I immediately picked up the phone and called my web developer after reading his story.

Are Generic Photos Killing Your Content? by Paul Pichugin
Content marketers spend a lot of time mulling over words, coming up with titles and trying to figure out the most effective distribution methods. Professional photographer Paul Pichugin suggests we should probably be doing a better job with our images. I'll never feel the same about Flickr again.

Keep on Bloggin': How MYOB built a wildly successful corporate blog by Emma Mulquiney
I've been bugging the mob at MYOB to share their story since the inception of Chief Content Officer magazine. If you're even flirting with the idea of starting a blog, don't do another thing until you read Emma Mulquiney's account of what worked and what didn't. With over 5000 comments in two years, any blogger can learn from Emma and the blogging team at MYOB.

I'm busy chasing stories for the next issue of Chief Content Officer. If you know anyone doing a great job with content marketing or doing something particularly innovative, let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas, new contributors and the best content marketing stories in Australia.

  • Hi Paul,

    One of the great things about editing Chief Content Officer is the opportunity to work alongside great writers. This issue is packed full of them.

    Thanks, as ever, for your continued support of all we’re doing at Chief Content Officer AND Global Copywriting.

  • I say, Sarah; that Emma Mulquiney can’t half string a sentence! I really enjoyed her summary of MYOB’s blogging efforts to date. Having seen how well she writes, I think I’d better watch my back! Best regards and good luck with this edition! P. 🙂