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My Favourite Blogs

While it's not exactly brown paper packages tied up in string, I do want to share some of my favourite blogs. I'll forgo the "Best of 2010" and "Predictions for 2011" posts in lieu of what I consider to be the best content around. Some of them are well known, some only have small followings. In all cases, these are my "go to" places for inspiration, information and advice.

Content Marketing Institute
The crowd-sourced blog at CMI is a treasure trove of practical advice and "how to" information on every aspect of content marketing imaginable. While I contribute to the blog from time to time, I show up every day to see what I can learn from the front lines of the global content marketing community.

Small Business Owner
Copywriter Paul Hassing is the man behind MYOB's Small Business Owner blog. While the writing is excellent, Paul has an uncanny ability to expand every post with a rocking comments section. Have a look to see what engaging content is all about.

Truly objective analysis is increasingly difficult to find. Jonathan Crossfield's Copywrite blog examines a wide range of writing topics, never failing to pierce the heart of an issue. At times irreverent and other times dead serious, Crossfield's opinion is always worth reading.

M4B Marketing Newsletter
Week after week, Susan Oakes delivers more useful content than seems humanly possible. The M4B Marketing Newsletter provides weekly actions to keep your marketing on track. It's a quick read leaving you plenty of time for Susan's excellent blog.

GlobalReach Copywriting
I know a thing or two about localisation but can't hold a candle to Ann-Christin Lindstedt. The blog at GlobalReach is loaded with tips, advice, examples and warnings on how to ensure your global message is being heard and understood. If you're working in more than one market, you should be reading this blog.

Savvy B2B Marketing
The Savvy Sisters dish out more wisdom every week about B2B marketing than lesser blogs manage in a year. The blogging powerhouse team of Kate Headen Waddell, Michele Linn, Heather Rubesch, Wendy Thomas, Stephanie Tilton, and Jamie Wallace ensures the Savvy B2B Marketing blog always offers something new and interesting.

Divine Write
Glenn Murray's blog at Divine Write combines insight and advice on copywriting in beautifully written posts. Making it look far too easy, Murray imparts a conversational but intelligent tone while delivering extremely useful information for copywriters.

Men with Pens
Skimming just won't do for the Men with Pens blog. I wait for a Saturday morning when I can grab a cup of coffee and really absorb the content. James Chartrand, or the woman behind the pen name, has an enviable ability to draw you in and make you feel like she's speaking directly to you. She's got an irresistable Pied Piper quality; just try not to follow her advice.

Joe Pulizzi, the co-founder the of the Content Marketing movement and founder of the Content Marketing Institute still manages to find time to keep his own blog. The Junta42 blog always provokes me to answer a call to action.

With more quality content available than ever, I could spend all day reading. While I visit many more than the blogs listed here, these are my regular haunts in the blogosphere.

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