New focus on marketing in The West Australian

Remember me? I've had so many notes and queries about whether I'm still blogging. The answer is both yes and no. For the past several months I've been focused on the blog at the Careers and Industry Guide. It means this blog has been neglected but I'm planning to get back to it soon. (Confession: I've chosen sleep over blogging for these past few month.)

New focus on marketing at The West Australian newspaper
So what's motivated me to get back at it? I'm really excited about a new feature in The West Australian. Starting on Friday of this week, the newspaper will be running a weekly marketing and media page. Here's the good news.

It will focus not just on marketing and the media, but include

  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Copywritiing
  • Associated industries such as graphic design, social media and video

How you can get involved
According to Daniel Hatch, the West's new Marketing and Media Editor, the section is going to be a hungry beast with lots of potential for the industry to contribute. He's going to be looking for story ideas, thought pieces, comment, expertise, research, developments, movements – anything to do with marketing. I've worked with Dan on several projects and know he's going to make this a super smart, super fun section.

If you want to contribute, and I urge everyone in the WA marketing space to get involved, you can get in touch with Dan at or 08 9482 3193. Pitch him your ideas, add him to your distribution lists, and set up a meeting with him. He's easily bribed with a cup of coffee.

What's going on in the Perth marketing scene that you think is newsworthy?
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