New Research Confirms Australia Embracing Content Marketing

New research released today by the Content Marketing Institute confirms what I’ve long suspected. Australians have embraced content marketing in the biggest way and are working hard to implement bigger and better projects in the future. The Content Marketing in Australia: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends gives solid evidence about how Australia compares to our American counterparts and lends insight into where we’re heading in the next year.

How Australia does content marketing
The research is based on 216 respondents from Australian companies in a range of industries and company sizes. It encompasses 139 B2B companies and 45 B2C companies.

Some of the key findings of the report include:

  • A whopping 96% of respondents use content marketing
  • We match America in the average number of tactics used showing a high degree of comfort with content marketing in Australia
  • Australian marketers use more mobile content and mobile apps than their American counterparts
  • Australians outsource content creation at higher rates, with 57% outsourcing in Australia compared to 45% in America
  • Australian B2C marketers are champions at tailoring their content to suit their audience with 97% reporting they use at least one way
  • We’re worried about producing enough content and finding the budget needed

What these results tell me is Australia is poised to become a content marketing powerhouse. We’re picking up steam and adopting new technologies very quickly. I find this incredibly encouraging and look forward to the next year. Check out the report to find more detail on how Australia sizes up in the content marketing revolution. It makes for interesting reading.

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Did anything in the report surprise you? What was it?