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Why Print Still Matters

Last night Joe Pulizzi, the co-founder of the Content Marketing movement, published a blog post at Junta42 titled, 7 Reasons Print Will Make a Comeback in 2011. It was an interesting commentary from a guy who spends nearly all of his time speaking about online marketing.

I’ve always felt content marketing described both online and print collateral. Most businesses I speak to, especially SMBs, are reluctant to dispense with physical documents. Why? Because they work. We no longer have to convince people an investment in online content is important, even necessary, but I don’t know of a single company that’s made a complete switch from print to online marketing strategies.

Everything Old is New Again
Something I’ve seen recently, however, supports Joe’s theory. Soggybones is about to launch a print version of their popular online magazine. A lean outfit run by a couple of young guys, Soggybones is breaking rules and redefining journalism while maintaining a culture of excellence in design and photography. Their strategy to go to print is indicative of a bigger trend.

I’m happy to see Joe’s prediction. Personally, I enjoy holding something in my hand while reading. I like being able to walk out the door with a sheaf of material I can peruse while waiting or drinking a cup of coffee. I absolutely love to see a brochure with beautiful images like Premier Studio distributes to describe their outdoor photography studio. I get excited when I see a clever design implemented by a graphic designer who understands the power of traditional print.

The Takeaway
As Joe astutely points out, there’s a lot less post coming through your mailbox. We all agree receiving a handwritten letter is a joy in the age of email. Why not explore ways you can deliver your marketing message through the mailbox instead of the inbox? Look for a graphic designer with both print and web competencies and start working on an online/offline campaign.

What do you read “in print”?

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