BRIEF: 1 Fantastic Technique to Generate New Business

How often do you leave comments on blog posts or in discussion groups? In my very first BRIEF, Spin Your SEO Web, I recommended adopting a daily habit of adding comments onto blog posts because it helps improve the search engine rankings for your website. Recently, I discovered it can do a lot more.

Lead Generation
Two weeks ago I received an email from Gillian Rossouw of Jill of All Trades. She contacted me through my website after reading a comment I had made on a Paul Hassing (@PaulHassing) post to the Small Business Owner blog. This is what she said:

I saw your comment to Paul’s posting on MYBRC. I am in the process of having my website updated. I am looking for some “wow factor” content writing. I understand that no one knows one’s own business like the owner, but I seem to be having writer’s block. Can you give me an idea of your costs?

Closed Business
I wrote back to Gillian saying I was sure I could help her. Within the hour, she was on the phone to me. Cutting to the chase, I’m happy to say Jill of All Trades is a new client. This week I’m developing web content for Gillian’s new site, which will be launched soon.

The Take-Away
Commenting on blog posts and participating in online discussions improves your SEO. It can also lead to business opportunities you might not have anticipated. My experience with Jill of All Trades isn’t unusual. My first contact with one of my oldest clients, Clayko Group, started when I left a comment on their website.

What are some of your techniques for generating leads?